Friday, October 20, 2017

Making A Halloween Diorama From Craft Pumpkin

My twin sister loves Halloween. And since our birthday is coming up, I decided to make her something a little spooky but a whole lot of fun.

I started with a black pumpkin along with some Halloween miniatures

On the pumpkin, I drew a scary face then I cut out the shapes with an Exacto knife

The inside of the pumpkin got painted orange so it would glow when lit up.

The wooden haunted house was painted black - I had to cut off the top so it would fit inside

Next I glued the haunted house and the skeleton dog inside (she loves her dogs so I had to include one). Boo Dog is standing guard just in case you're brave enough to come up to the house. 😉

hmmm, now I need something for the floor of the pumpkin. I wanted moss but all I had was green - not the look I was going for! I didn't want to go buy black spray paint either. So I flipped it upside down...perfect! Brown and spooky looking. That got glued down along with some flat stones to make a path.

Then I used two old fence pickets to make a platform. I glued the pumpkin down on the back part, adding a gate with an "Enter At Your Own Risk" sign in front of the pumpkin

Two candy corn bottle brush trees and a ghost were next

then a street sign with mossy accents

Last up, a spider on top of the pumpkin with a bit of spiderweb and it's all done!
I think it turned out really cute but with the spookiness she likes. I can't wait to give it to her. She'll get it early so she can enjoy it for Halloween.

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